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Yanga Chief, Emtee team up on new track, ‘Benjamins’

Yanga Chief, Emtee team up on new track, ‘Benjamins’

Following the release of “To Each His Own”, South African award-winning rapper, singer-songwriter and stage performer Yanga Chief joined forces with “Logan” hitmaker Emtee, and new kid on the block HennyBeLit, to give fans a banger of a song right in time for summer.

The track titled “Benjamins” released on November 18 and is available on all digital platforms.

A press statement revealed that on “Benjamins”, Yanga Chief fully owns that he works hard for his money and will spend it how he sees fit – whether it’s on his family or girls.

“Known for his rap cadence, the award-winning rapper’s flow is impeccable as he recounts how comfortable his upbringing was.

“In a society that expects people to be coy about their privileged experiences in life, Yanga Chief takes a different route and speaks boldly about his rare privilege of growing up comfortably and being afforded opportunities to work hard for financial freedom,” read the statement.

Adding to this, Chief said that people need to get out of the state of mind of insisting people take their advice. Artists should rather share their experiences and never be judgemental of the choice the next person makes.

“Everybody has a choice, and all we can do is share our experiences and our understanding of how things usually go, but we should never place judgment on someone because of the choices they’ve made.

“It’s always easier to tell someone’s character by observing and being mindful of their intention. It’s about being open-minded and less judgemental,” he said.

Listen to the video here.

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