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Woman’s severe social anxiety helped her spot ‘drunk’ uninvited guests at her wedding

I’m amazed at the “balls” some people have to attempt something like this.

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Paige Hardy shared a video on TikTok and explained how she realised there were two wedding crashers at her wedding.

She portrayed the image of the couple and said: ‘’Fast forward to the reception, I immediately notice this woman on the dance floor because she is, like, grinding on people in my bridal party.’’

Clearly, this wedding was a vibe. Not only were they drunken wedding crashes, they had the “balls” to speak with the bride – like they knew the couple – with so much “conviction”, but the bride knew they were strangers.

@deconstruct_with_paige Wedding crashers: a story with alcoholism, gaslighting, and a magician. #weddingtiktok #weddingcrashers ♬ Vigilante Shit – Taylor Swift

“I think she thought I would feel so bad because I couldn’t remember her that I just wouldn’t question it,’’ said Hardy. Because the uninvited guests hit her with the “you probably don’t remember me” card.

“What she didn’t realize is that I have severe social anxiety and felt so bad that I spent 30 minutes of my own wedding night figuring out who this woman was,” Hardy added.

She thought maybe this couple was on her husband’s side, she introduced the couple to the rest of the family to see if they might recognise them, but the woman jokingly said, “She’s an incredible girl. If you hurt her, we’ll come after you.”

At this point, I’d be freaking out. My brain would turn this into a planned murder, but Hardly knew at this point that they were wedding crashes.

“If you knew my husband, you would never even suggest that,” said Hardy.

Hardy then enlisted the help of her wedding planner to figure out who the woman was, and after getting the name and a Sheriff kicked them out.

In a follow-up video, she stated that she had to turn off her comments after receiving backlash and harassment for kicking out the wedding crashers.

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