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Woman dumps boyfriend at airport, thanks to his mom-ster

Woman dumps boyfriend at airport, thanks to his mom-ster

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SubReddit’s “Am I The A-hole” allows users around the world to oppose questions about their lives anonymously.

She then used the opportunity to ask users if she was in the wrong for ditching her boyfriend after being embarrassed by his Smother, and this wasn’t the first time she did that.

Like the majority of mothers-in-law, she didn’t like the woman, and her behaviour at the airport was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

Now she may not sound too bad as she paid for the family to enjoy a trip to Cabo, including husbands and children. This may seem like a kind gesture, however, the user wrote:

“She always makes snide remarks about my parents’ blue-collar jobs and my field is nursing.”

We should’ve known there was something behind the scenes, yes, the mom, named ‘Becky’ paid for all expenses, and even when as far as buying first-class tickets … except for the girlfriend.

She was left with a coach ticket.

“She told me I was used to it and she had a free coach ticket so I should be grateful [to be] going,” she said.

Becky, you’re starting to rub us the wrong way.

She deliberately wanted her to feel left out, while the rest of the family went to express check-in while she waited in the long economy line, withholding an outburst.

Cherry on the cake? She was unaware that she had to pay a luggage fee because her ticket didn't include a checked bag.

“I looked over at his mom’s smug face as I was about to pay the checked baggage fee. And I let all of my frustrations out on the attendant and started crying.”

Woman dumps boyfriend at airport, thanks to his mom-ster
Outburst. Picture: Sebastiaan Stam/Pexels

The flight attendant who witnessed her tears advised her not to go on the trip, especially if it’s already starting off like that, what’s next? Leaving her all by herself in Cabo with no way home?

She then reached out to her boyfriend and told him everything. She called out Becky the B**** and dumped him. Which probably worked in favour of his mother, maybe she wanted that all along.

“My boyfriend has been blowing up my phone saying how could I do that to his mother and just back out of a vacation very last minute and (how I) wasted everyone’s time and money.”

Many other users encouraged her by saying she shouldn’t be bothered by the “wasting money” comment. Mom-ster knew what she was doing and was looking for a reaction.

Well, she got it.

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