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What are ‘hot pants’ (literally) and do they really help you lose cellulite and centimetres?

What are ‘hot pants’ (literally) and do they really help you lose cellulite and centimetres?

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Dessi Bell, a businesswoman located in the UK and a former banking company manager, invented "hot pants," which are literally weight-loss clothing.

In order to reduce weight quickly while getting ready for her wedding, she came up with the concept for the sweat innovation technology.

She continued to create several sportswear prototypes, and in 2011 she and her businessman husband, Malcolm Bell, created Zaggora with a £25 000 (about R500K) investment from personal resources.

By wearing the pants during the day, night, and workouts, the designers of this fitness outfit assert that you can drop two dress sizes in two weeks.

The business introduced a variety of healthy meals, such as protein smoothies, super food shots, and detox teas, and in its first year of operation, made $10 million in sales.

They have a wetsuit-like material that gives them a biking short look, and according to their official website, they have cellulite technology that helps ladies drop two dress sizes in just two weeks.

According to their claims, the trousers leverage your natural body heat to boost perspiration by 80%. Perspiration causes calorie and cellulite reduction.

Adipose, or fat, cells that are pushing through the connective tissue beneath the skin cause cellulite, which is the dimpling and bulging of the skin.

The way in which connective tissue is structured in men and women differs, holding the skin to the muscle beneath it. Cellulite can also occur in men. However, it is much more common in women.

Women's connective tissue is distributed vertically, whereas men's connective tissue is arranged in a smooth, diagonal pattern. Due to this tiny structural variation, adipose cells can penetrate the skin and result in dimpling.

On their website, Zaggora talks about the connective tissue that lies beneath the skin and asserts that women's cellulite is caused by a breakdown in this connective tissue. They don't explain how their pants work to reduce cellulite, though. We're unsure exactly how they reduce cellulite more noticeable than regular weight loss would.

Anyone who has practised hot yoga or Bikram understands how simple it is to become dehydrated when you perspire a lot.

Drink a lot of liquids if you want to exercise while wearing a sweat-generating outfit! Your skin would probably look healthier as a direct result of drinking more water, which is one of the benefits mentioned on the page.

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