We light a candle for those we lost and those on the frontlines


We light a candle for those we lost and those on the frontline

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Tonight, IOL heeds the call to light a candle as we say goodbye to 2020 and welcome in a new year:

This candle burns:

* In memory of all those who lost their lives,

* In tribute to those on the frontline of the Covid-19 pandemic, who worked to care and give dignity to our loved ones when we could not be with them,

* For the families of those on the frontline,

* In memory of all those who lost their lives,

* For those who are grieving,

* For those who are battling Covid-19,

* For those who worked hard and dug deep to feed and help their communities,

* For the journalists and photographers for bringing us news from the frontlines and beyond and for being the public’s watchdog,

* For the schoolchildren who adapted to the new normal and taught us how to stick to the safety protocols and get on with it.

* For those who wore masks, sanitised and adhered to social distancing. Keep it up.

* For parents who had to carry a double load of handling homeschooling while meeting deadlines,

* For grannies and grandads, uncles and aunts who had to double down on the babysitting duties while parents went out to work,

* For the scientists grappling with how to treat this new pandemic and working to cure it,

* For the artists who kept us entertained while we stayed home and stayed safe,

* For those in our bubbles who kept us sane, and sometimes drove us insane,

* For those who poured their hearts out on social media, thank you for sharing.

* For the IT that made working from home a viable option.

* And again for all those who will be missing from our tables next year.

** This list is incomplete. Send us your comments via [email protected]

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