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‘We are here to stay’ – PROTON relaunches in South Africa


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The launch of PROTON into South Africa and the launch of the PROTON X50 and PROTON X70 took place recently in Johannesburg.

“This is not just the launch of the PROTON X50 and PROTON X70 – this is the launch of a brand you have heard of, but not met in its partnership with Geely,” says Jebb McIntosh, CEO of CMH (Combined Motor Holdings).

CMH was founded in 1976 and has successfully spearheaded the motor industry ever since its conception, launching some of the country’s biggest names such as Volvo in 1995. It made the decision to bring PROTON back to South Africa based on the company’s many discussions, trips to Malaysia, viewings and test drives of the vehicles coming into the country. Based on current market demand, the new PROTON X50 and PROTON X70 are quality SUV vehicles set within an affordable pricing bracket.

“The purchase of a 49.9% stake in PROTON in 2017 by the Zhejiang Geely Holding Group, a Fortune 500 company that owns Volvo and Lotus, has transformed PROTON through its additional finance, technical expertise and products. When the PROTON brand became available, we jumped at the opportunity for several reasons, but mostly, we saw a gap in the market for a quality SUV within an affordable price bracket. There are many luxury brands launching SUVs which are simply unaffordable to the average South African.” adds McIntosh.

‘We are here to stay’ – PROTON relaunches in South Africa

The new PROTON models are right-hand drive versions of Geely vehicles sold in left-hand markets around the world. The new PROTON X50 and PROTON X70 benefit from shared group engineering expertise, including technology solutions also found in Volvo models. “With Geely providing resources and support for PROTON, we can ensure that the runway for vehicles being released in the near future is exciting. We are thrilled to announce that on purchase of a PROTON X50 or PROTON X70, customers will receive a five-year unlimited warranty which is transferable – a move that backs up the quality promise of the product,” explains Trevor Morey, head of sales and marketing of PROTON South Africa.

“This reinforces used-car value on trade in, which we know is also a buying point that makes a massive difference. Along with this, we are also offering five-year roadside assistance as well as a service and maintenance plan,” Morey continues.

Considering the need for fuel efficiency, PROTON has created a product that fulfils the desire for a SUV that is not only outstanding in performance, features and aesthetic appeal, but is also affordable to own and run. “The fuel consumption of the PROTON X50 is 6.5L/100km and the fuel consumption of the PROTON X70 is 7.8L/100km,” says Marius Smal, Managing Director of PROTON SA.

Beyond this, the PROTON X50 and PROTON X70 offer enhanced features for the driver’s and passengers’ comfort, as well as a sophisticated look. Some of these features (depending on the variant and class) include chrome finishing on the front and rear bumpers, alloy wheels, power tailgate with foot sensor, and Nappa leather seats with black headlining. The PROTON X70 comes with the PROTON Intelligent Air Purification System (P-IAPS) – a combination of N95 cabin filter (incorporated into the air-conditioning) and air purifier system; combined they work twice as efficiently to improve the air quality inside the cabin.


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