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Water restored after major pipe burst in Ekurhuleni

Water restored after major pipe burst in Ekurhuleni

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Pretoria – Residents in the south of Alberton, Ekurhuleni, were left without water for the better part of Thursday following a major pipe burst in Brackenhurst.

The pipe burst was reported in the morning and resulted in some areas having no water while others experienced low pressure.

The affected areas were Tinasonke, Brackendowns, Mayberry Park, Albertsdal, Eden Park and other surrounding areas.

The City said it was not clear what caused the burst but technicians managed to fix the issue.

However, it took sometime to fill and pressurise the system due to the large network.

The municipality has been embroiled in a political conflict between the coalition parties over the last couple of weeks.

Last month, political parties removed mayor Tania Campbell through a motion of no confidence, saying the DA led administration neglected service delivery in townships.

After Campbell’s removal, the City was left without a mayor for two weeks.

During this time, the EFF and the ANC were in negotiations which led to the red berets gunning for the mayoral position and three MMC seats on the mayoral committee.

However, the negotiations collapsed when some ANC members felt that it would be reckless to give the EFF such power.

As a result, Campbell was re-elected when the EFF voted for the DA.

After she was re-elected, ActionSA pulled out of the coalition, citing lack of service delivery in the townships as a major concern.

The party said it was best to take on an opposition role to ensure the DA coalition delivered services to residents.


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