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WATCH: Woman shocked to see ride-hailing driver break into her apartment

WATCH: Woman shocked to see ride-hailing driver break into her apartment

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There have been a lot of questions and negativity around ride-sharing services worldwide.

Either the driver gets attacked or the passenger, in brutal ways, the stories are endless.

When ride-hailing services first stepped on the scene it seemed like the safer option but now we are not so sure.

One TikTok user (@gigirao) had a clip captioned “I’m still in shock stay safe pls” – that revealed how an Uber driver had broken into her home at 1.40 am, thankfully or not? he was caught on her ring camera.

She was fast asleep when the intruder invaded her flat. This raises the concern that ride-hailing drivers know where you live and can basically break in and hurt you if they choose.

‘’He picked me and my boyfriend up from where we were, the drive was fine. It wasn’t weird at all.’’

@gigirao #stitch with @gigirao ♬ Somebody's Watching Me – Single Version – Rockwell

She said he dropped them off at 12.45am and there’s footage of them walking in. They even locked the door, ate, and went to sleep.

She says she had her ring camera on to capture memories of them coming home from a night out.

‘’The next morning I checked my ring camera … around 1.40am, I see a man in my apartment, and I was like what the hell.’’ He is seen snooping around the apartment but not taking anything which had Gigi freak out even more.

@gigirao Replying to @yezimconnor POSTING THIS FOR AWARENESS! Stay safe out there 🫡![CDATA[]]>🫣 #uber #boston #breakin ♬ Somebody's Watching Me – Single Version – Rockwell

Obviously in shambles, the woman reviews the footage a couple of times and realises that she cannot see the man walking in only walking out, as showcased in the clip.

Her living room window screen was cut open, along with dirt marks on a chair which is an indication of how the intruder entered the apartment.

She notified the police and handed the evidence over to them. Hopefully, something will be done; this could easily have been a murder case, in today’s world you can expect anything and everything.

One comment read: ‘’This is crazy. I never trusted the whole Uber/Lyft situation to begin with but this next level. Sadly, I know for a fact they don’t do much in the way.’’

This again proves, stranger danger is real.

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