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Watch the Ford Raptor design process in less than 90 seconds


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Ever wondered what it takes to transform a scribble on a sketch pad to an actual vehicle?

Hundreds of sketches, thousands of kilos worth of clay, would be the short answer. Now Ford is giving us an insight into the design process that led to the all-new Ranger Raptor, through a short video that shows the design process from sketch to reality.

It all begins with a brief, which forms the backbone of any design and confirms the inspiration and must-have elements.

“Our design brief for Ranger Raptor was to really lean into ‘form following function’ and take Ranger to the next level,” said the Raptor’s chief designer Max Tran.

“With just a glance you had to get a clear picture of Ranger Raptor’s power, performance and capability but also recognise it was part of the Ford Performance and Raptor families,” he said.

As soon as the creative brief is locked in place, the designers begin sketching and it “always starts with a pencil and paper,” said Dave Dewitt, exterior design manager, Ranger Raptor.

Watch the Ford Raptor design process in less than 90 seconds

Once the sketches are approved, “and there are hundreds of them,” according to Dewitt, the digital design team recreates them virtually as both a master reference document and to feed into the next step, clay modelling.

Using more than 4000kg of clay, 1/3 scale models and then full-size models are carved first by machines before the finishing touches are made by master sculptors. The design chiefs approve the clay design and it is “frozen”. Clay modellers also sculpt life-sized models of steering wheels, dashboards and seats.


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