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WATCH: Teacher suspended for saying his race is superior

WATCH: Teacher suspended for saying his race is superior

Teaching is one of the few careers in which one can have a positive impact on society’s most vulnerable, the young.

As a teacher, you can shape and empower children while informing them of the prejudices that the world, unfortunately, has.

Well, one teacher from Texas in the US decided to bypass all this profession’s ethics and tell his pupils that he strongly feels that he is ethnocentric (thinking one's own group's ways are superior to others) and superior because he is white.

Watch: Teacher admits to being racist

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In the now-viral video, the teacher is in a classroom with a majority of black students and is asked by one of them if he is indeed racist, to which he responds, “Damn. How many times do I need to say it?”

The implosive conversation escalates further, and he tells the students that he is frustrated with the talk, while one of the students tells him that he was the one who initiated it.

"Somebody asked a question, and I responded. Deep down in my heart, I am ethnocentric, and I think that my race is the superior one," he is heard saying in the clip.

While some of the students laughed at this sentiment, others continued to probe the matter. "So, white is better than all?" one teenager asked.

The teacher replied that he believes that every culture and race honestly thinks that theirs is superior to others but is not honest about it.

“I respected you for a while, but now, I ain’t got no more respect for you,” said one of the students.

In a statement, the local police said they were aware of the “inappropriate” conversation between a teacher at Bohls Middle School and students during an advisory class.

“This interaction does not align with our core beliefs as a district. The video of the conversation includes statements that we find wholly inappropriate. The teacher has been placed on administrative leave while Human Resources conducts an investigation,” he police said in the statement.

"Pflugerville ISD and Bohls MS work together to create an inclusive and welcoming environment for our students. The advisory activity was inappropriate, inaccurate, and unacceptable. This type of interaction will not be tolerated in PfISD schools.”

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