WATCH: Single or taken, here’s why you should plan a solo trip

WATCH: Single or taken, here’s why you should plan a solo trip

WATCH: Single or taken, here’s why you should plan a solo trip

By Clinton Moodley Time of article published 3m ago

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American YouTuber Weylie Hoang recently went on a solo vacation where she stayed at the luxury Little Jo Cabin at Joshua Tree in California, US.

Although in a relationship, she decided to enjoy some time to herself.

During her stay, Hoang reflected on her life through journalling, prepared some hearty food, slept in a sleeping bag and admired the calming views around her.

She brought along her two furry companions who gave her space during the trip. Like Hoang, people should plan solo getaways.

Sure, it may seem unconventional if you are in a relationship, but it allows one to connect with oneself away from loved ones.

I know many friends who take time away for themselves even while in committed relationships. Some people prefer exploring alone rather than group travel.

Solo 101

The pandemic may have put a halt on international travel to many continents, so exploring locally is safer and practical.

Find a location that’s close to home, in case there are any new lockdown restrictions announced.

When choosing your destination, opt for somewhere you can drive rather than fly.

Road trips help clear the mind and prepare you for a solo getaway.

An overnight or two night stay is sufficient, especially if you are keeping exploring to a minimum.

Trip options

A solo getaway is a perfect time to do something that you always wanted, like a trip to the mountains, a foodie experience or something adventurous to get your adrenaline going.

When people travel with other people, many tend to put their interests on the back-burner.

Solo breaks are meant to revive your mind, body and soul. Use the time for reflection and a break from things that bog you down in your daily life.

Accommodation and safety

The South African tourism industry is currently running specials to entice travellers.

Research the establishments offering discounts and use review sites to make your decision.

For good measure, let your loved ones know where you are going and communicate with them regularly about your whereabouts throughout the trip.

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