WATCH: ‘Silhouette Challenge’ takes social media by storm

WATCH: 'Silhouette Challenge' takes social media by storm

WATCH: 'Silhouette Challenge' takes social media by storm

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It seems like the ante is upped with the social media challenges these days.

While we’re still trying to catch our breath after the “Buss It Challenge”, top influencers have already introduced the hashtag “Silhouette Challenge”, which is catching on like wildfire.

It is still unclear who started the challenge on TikTok, but verified creator @mrsmosquito popularised the trend.

What we know is that @eral__ shared a TikTok tutorial on her Twitter page on how to do the “Silhouette Challenge”.

And before we could even blink, it was already trending on socials.

here’s a tutorial for anybody wanting to do the #silhouettechallenge pic.twitter.com/KnYuarZkBj

— e. (@eral__) January 27, 2021

On this challenge, participants are seen dressed down and then quickly transition into sexy garb, dancing to Paul Anka’s song, “Put Your Head On My Shoulder”, before sliding right into Doja Cat’s “Streets.

Below are some of our favourite clips from the “Silhouette Challenge”:



♬ suono originale – Giulia Di Nicolantonio

OMG this is the best#silhouettechallenge pic.twitter.com/w2sLXb4tah

— Lifestyle♪♪ (@europebased) January 27, 2021

Alright, I gave it a shot 😅😅 #silhouettechallenge pic.twitter.com/YGKspSsQEh

— Shani (@Shanneh_x3) January 27, 2021

Was scared to post it here but ahh😂😂 #silhouettechallenge pic.twitter.com/8eKjmKJ9p8

— Minato stan account (@bee_leighton) January 27, 2021


@mrsmosquito won this whole challenge before it even started but i wanted to try 😭![CDATA[]]>😭 ##silhouettechallenge ##silhouettechallenge ##fyp

♬ suono originale – Giulia Di Nicolantonio


##silhouette ##red ##dojacat ##silhouettechallenge ##fyp

♬ suono originale – Giulia Di Nicolantonio


Can’t forget about blue ##fyp ##foryou ##dojacat ##street ##silhouette ##silhouettechallenge

♬ suono originale – Giulia Di Nicolantonio

Earlier this mouth, the “Buss It Challenge” had TikTokers kicking off the year with a catchy, and mildly raunchy, challenge.

We all love those transformation challenges.

Where women go from scraggly Cinderella to ready-for-the-ball Cinderella by what actually looks like a wave of a magic wand.

Add a catchy backing track, like “Don’t Rush” and “Savage Love”, that’s now forever implanted in our brains, and you have an irresistible challenge.

The track that has the women gyrating is “Buss It” by rapper Erica Banks.

The “Buss It Challenge” starts with women wearing pj’s or sweats, messy hair and no make-up.

Then a split second later, with a booty drop, their hair and make-up is on point and sexy revealing outfits suitable for any rap video.

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