Home Entertainment WATCH: SA produced animated series ‘My Better World’ bags International Emmy Award

WATCH: SA produced animated series ‘My Better World’ bags International Emmy Award

WATCH: SA produced animated series ‘My Better World’ bags International Emmy Award

South African-produced TV series “My Better World” walked away with the coveted International Emmy Award in the Kids: Factual & Entertainment category at the prestigious award ceremony, which was held in New York, earlier this week.

“My Better World” is a new animated series that follows the adventures of six African teenagers, as they navigate the complex challenges of school, family and friendship.

Along the way, these youngsters discover their strengths and learn how to support each other.

At each episode’s core are inspiring mini-documentaries where real-life heroes tell their personal stories of courage and resilience.

The 55-episode African TV series is produced by South Africa’s Fundi Films in collaboration with Joburg-based Maan Creative.

Speaking to IOL Entertainment, show producer Chris Morgan complimented his creative team for delivering a world-class production.

“The award is a great recognition for a very big team; 100 creatives from seven African countries with 35 South African animators,” Morgan said.

“The award recognises the great African storytelling and talent from our team of writers, animators and documentary filmmakers.”

In his acceptance speech, Morgan thanked his family and each member of his creative team for their contribution to the project which took just four years to come to fruition.

He also paid a moving tribute to his co-creative director Michael Clarke, “who died tragically earlier this year … this is for him and his family”.

“To the young people who shared their stories with us … and because of them child marriages are being cancelled, girls and boys are going back to school. And this is media for social good. We can make a difference. Thank you very much!”

According to Morgan, the team’s objective has always been, to tell stories that will impact the lives of many young people across the world.

“We wanted to tell the stories that matter most and leave the audience empowered to improve their lives and the lives of those around them.”

According to the press statement issued, “My Better World” is one of the largest animated series created entirely in Africa.

“We had writers in Tanzania and Kenya, documentary crews in Nigeria, Ghana, Rwanda and beyond, and of course the incredible animators from Maan Creative in Johannesburg,” Morgan said.

Morgan said the series was produced in English, Swahili, Somali and Hausa and has been shown in five countries including Nigeria, Zambia, Kenya, Ghana and Malawi.

Although the show is yet to air in South Africa, the first six episodes can be streamed on the Aspire Africa YouTube channel.

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