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WATCH: ‘Not a single person was hurt’, says Newcastle Deputy mayor who allegedly spun his Gusheshe into spectators

Durban – A video of Newcastle deputy mayor allegedly losing control of his BMW Gusheshe and crashing into spectators has gone viral.

Musa “Shukela” Thwala told TimesLive that he was spinning his car, but no one was hurt.

In the video, which was allegedly taken on November 27 at old Monte Vista Casino in Newcastle, a red BMW is seen spinning.

The crowd is going wild.

In the next instant the car crashes into spectators, but the act doesn’t stop.

The car goes back and continues spinning.

This week, Thwala told TimesLive that it was a sport and was a legal event.

He said that being deputy mayor did not mean he couldn’t participate in sporting events.

Thwala dismissed any allegations that anyone was injured.

He said spinning cars was one of his favourite sports and the incident would not stop him.

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