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WATCH: Fear can be infectious as viral ‘ghost video’ creates panic in India

WATCH: Fear can be infectious as viral 'ghost video' creates panic in India

Varanasi, India: The video of a white-clad “ghost” walking on rooftops in Varanasi has gone viral, creating panic among residents.

The police have registered a case against unknown miscreants at Bhelupur police station.

Ramakant Dubey, an inspector at Bhelupur police station, said: “There is fear among the people. On their complaint, we have lodged an FIR against unknown persons and have intensified patrolling in the area.”

The chaos started a few days ago when a video of VDA Colony in the Badi Gabi area went viral on WhatsApp, in which a shadow was seen walking.

बनारस में छतों पर एक सफेद कपड़ा पहने भूत के चलने का वीडियो तेजी से वायरल हो रहा है, चश्मदीदों ने पुलिस से जांच की मांग की है… pic.twitter.com/e8KqvvYIr0

— Banarasians (@banarasians) September 22, 2022

Later, three similar videos emerged on the social media, adding to the panic.

Some locals said the video seemed genuine while most of them believed it to be fake. But some were too fearful to leave their homes.

“It seems to be a fake video but there is a lot of fear among locals, hence we decided to approach the police to investigate the matter to reveal the truth,” said Suresh Singh, a resident.

The district police commissioner has asked people to refrain from circulating the clips, saying they were fake.

Back in 2020, the Ghost Challenge went viral on Twitter. People would dress up as ghosts and have their pictures taken with a scary background.

As a way to celebrate Halloween, the kooky challenge was a fun way to get the whole family involved. Whether the latest “ghost” sightings are a variation of that, only time will tell.

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