Home Travel WATCH: Eew! Flight turns sour when man’s vomit gushes all over woman

WATCH: Eew! Flight turns sour when man’s vomit gushes all over woman

WATCH: Eew! Flight turns sour when man’s vomit gushes all over woman

We’re back with nasty flight tea, I’m starting to think that people choose to do crazy things on planes as a hobby.

Yet another woman shared a horrific experience on a flight, and I don’t think ya’ll are ready.

TikTok has allowed many to share, well, almost anything and this flight story could top all we have heard so far.

Angelina Nicolle, shared her experience where, wait for it… a man sitting next to her on a flight had his full vomit sack tear, while his vomit gushed out onto her; I can’t.

She said she was seated in an aisle seat and the vomit-bag-man was seated in the middle, which is not the best place for someone with a bad gag reflex.


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“Everything was going fine, the plane was beginning to just take off, everyone was getting their seatbelts on, you’re minding your own business reading a book.”

But during take-off, the man took out his bag and started releasing what could have been his breakfast and lunch.

I do understand that sometimes we can get motion sickness, hence why Angelina didn’t want to embarrass him, regardless of how disgusting this whole scenario is. Do your thing in your doggy bag, Sir.

This went on for a while and he used more than one doggy bag. here’s where it gets sour.

When Angelina turned to give him another vomit bag, because the one he currently had was stacked, to the brim. She noticed and realized that his bag could explode at any time.

“If he throws up another time it will literally overflow, and at this point, I’m holding the paper bag so that they can put the other paper bag in this paper bag because the bottom of the paper bag is so full of throw up that it’s starting to break.”

Angelina and the man’s girlfriend tried to help this messy situation by holding the ends of the paper bag so the man could put another bag inside it.

“The bottom of the bag filled to the brim with his vomit breaks open,” she said. “And his vomit gushes out of the bottom all over onto his lap and, unfortunately, all over me and all over my stuff that’s under the seat.”

To top it all off, Angelina had to sit in the man’s vomit for the next 10 minutes because no one could get up from their seats at the time the plane was taking off.

Lawd have mercy! I don’t know how she kept it together; because some of us would have to vomit as well, and then it would be a whole entire vomit-fest.

She concluded the video by asking, “Has that ever happened to you?” to her 61,500 followers. The clip has gone viral and many users were naar at the thought of it.

‘’This sounds like THE most traumatic experience in the history of traumatic experiences,’’ one user wrote.

“I would have got up as soon as he started. I wouldn’t have been able to sit there,” said another.

‘’I’m terrified of throwing up and being around it I would simply pass away.’’

One woman said she “gagged” when Angelina said the words, “filled to the brim”, girl same.

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