Home Entertainment WATCH: Dr Sizwe Mpofu-Walsh revisits old friendship with AKA

WATCH: Dr Sizwe Mpofu-Walsh revisits old friendship with AKA

WATCH: Dr Sizwe Mpofu-Walsh revisits old friendship with AKA

Many moons ago AKA as once part of a trio rap crew called Entity along with Dr Sizwe Mpofu-Walsh and Nhlanhla Makenna.

This may be a distant memory for fans as it was over a decade ago after all.

In a recent interview on podcast “Nkululeko n Cultr”, the author and activist spoke about his earlier days as a musician.

Mpofu-Walsh spoke of how he and his former friend were a part of the rap group and shared his fond memories of the group signing their first record deal and being in a big studio.

Having met in high school, the group encountered a little success as young artists but eventually everyone went their separate ways.

They managed to release one album “Royal School of Hip Hop” in 2005 and were nominated for “Best African Hip Hop” at the KORA Awards.

Mphofu-Walsh also went on to explain how “disappointed” he is in AKA when he refers to career start, “He’s quite dismissive of that early period of his career.”

Having been there, Mpofu-Walsh expressed it was hard work, they were still in school trying to do well and trying to produce an album in 2004.

They also taught themselves a lot of things related to the music industry as they paved their way.

While Mpofu-Walsh has not spoken to AKA since 2009, he still remembers the award-winning rapper’s excitement the first time they were in a studio and when they were learning how to play around with fruity loops.

This is the first time in years that Mpofu-Walsh has publicly spoken about his relationship with Supa Mega.

He shared that the early friendship with his former group is one of the first important friend groups that he had.

“It’s interesting, it’s fascinating to look back and see how in our lives you know we have friend groups in certain times and then we go our separate ways.”

He went on to share that he harbours some confusion and sadness with the way in a way fame changed the “Fela in Versace” hitmaker.

“I have a bit of confusion and sadness with the way that fame in some ways changed AKA.

“You know, having been really good friends like sleeping over at each other’s houses and you know doing this thing together… and all of us together like this really tight knit friend group.

"Fame in some ways changed AKA" 😭
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“I think fame does something to people you know and the more famous he became the more detached he became from that original group of friends.

“I think I’ve gone through different emotions when thinking about that.

“You know the first one was resentment.

“Like, oh so now you successful, you totally forget about… but I think I’m more sympathetic in some ways now as well because I think it’s really to be famous when your young.”

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