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WATCH: Creepfest! Woman claims husband placed camera in 16-year-old daughter’s shower

WATCH: Creepfest! Woman claims husband placed camera in 16-year-old daughter’s shower

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A mum from Nashville took to TikTok a disturbing claim that her husband hid a camera in her daughter’s bathroom, now tweeps are arguing whether or not it’s true.

The woman, named Chasity Brintle created a spike on the internet after millions of people viewed a clip. Many were shocked and supportive of her.

The video was taken down from TikTok, but knowing the internet, someone always captures the tea. A twitter user posted the video, where the caption on the deleted TikTok video read as follows:

“When you’ve been with a man for 14 years and you find out he’s been watching your 16-year-old taking showers.”

Whoa??? pic.twitter.com/AdxrETZPGx

— Tom Cruise’s Shoe Lifts (@platformedboots) November 19, 2022

The woman said that she took a shower in her daughters’ bathroom when she came across the shower, luckily her children were at school at the time.

You may ask how she knows it was him who installed the camera.

for anyone wondering the outcome.. pic.twitter.com/tFTlipOVWg

— Meet Ms. Ho.. Ho-Kym Mothafxcka 🥡![CDATA[]]>🥢 (@unfxkwitable__) November 19, 2022

“My husband does construction and he remodelled that bathroom two months ago,” Brintle shared in a separate video.

She noticed the light bulb wasn’t working and she wanted to fix it. When she removed the faulty bulb she claims she discovered a camera.

According to the tweet, the woman left the house and called the police. And later, detectives got involved but they were unable to find more evidence, in other words, the footage.

According to a Tango report, The husband and father of her children admitted to planting the camera. He admitted to the allegations while on a phone call with her and the law enforcement.

If anything, the mom was determined to find out the truth due to so many violating things happening to woman across the world, and to think, one’s own father could do such creepy things is a scary thought.

He claimed it was a "mistake," and that "when you have something wrong in your f**king head, you just do it without thinking."

He was charged with “two counts of attempted sexual exploitation of a minor”.

Ultimate gag? Some tweeters are stating that it seems like a lie and a scam. But there are others who support her and who could relate to similar situations happening to them.

First off, this whole thing is disgusting and despicable. However, as a mother of three daughters, I would never dream of posting this on TikTok. There are some things that should be kept private. In particular, out of respect for her daughter’s privacy.

— Botched Bri 🎩 (@spit_in_da_butt) November 20, 2022

This lady is a scammer, why will anyone need go fundme for such a case? No one is sick nor got into an accident so what’s the need for gofundme?

— Duke😍![CDATA[]]>😍![CDATA[]]>😍 (@iamdukecollins1) November 21, 2022

Exactly the same thing happened to me with my step dad who I knew from 18 months old, got caught at 16 with a camera in my en-suite. I’m now 24 & it still hurts. He only got 8 months on a charge of voyeurism in the UK

— luce (@been_thatwitch) November 20, 2022

The ‘scam’ claims were made after she had asked for donations to help her and her family. What do you think?

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