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Watch: Craig David talks about Cape Town as he gears up for an epic TS5 experience

British pop sensation Craig David has landed in the Mother City and is ready to belt out his fan’s favourite tunes as well as some new material on Thursday – load shedding be damned.

In the first two days of his visit to Cape Town, David got to experience both the highs and lows of life in the Mother City including a scenic drive along Chapman’s Peak and power outages at the gym.

“It’s such a beautiful drive. The entire experience was magical. The views were priceless and we got to see everything we wanted to,” he said.

“I was at the gym at the end of the day and when the electricity went off, I looked at the people around me for an explanation,” he added.

“Someone explained that the generators would kick in soon and eventually the power was restored.”

The British singer last performed in Cape Town in 2003 when his career had just kicked off.

“Coming back to Cape Town is such a full circle moment since my last performance here,” he said.

His show is set to take place at the Grand Arena in Grand West on Thursday, December 8, and will present his TS5 experience.

The TS5 experience sees David combining all of his musical talents as a DJ, MC and singer playing with a live band.

The tour is named after an apartment David bought at a Miami hotel named Tower Suit 5, which became a venue for the epic house parties he hosted.

“Before my whole career started, I was a DJ and I used to MC for other DJs. When my career moved so quickly, I never got the chance to bring my decks on the road with me,” he said.

“That was the one missing part of the puzzle. I started doing DJ sets at my house parties in 2015 and realised it could be included in my performing sets,” he added.

The TS5 experience started with a group of 250 people to 1 600 people and David ended up performing for around 100 000 people.

In the latest chapter of his career, David said he experienced an awakening which affected the way he navigated his craft.

It was this awakening that also inspired him to pen his book, “What’s Your Vibe? Tuning Into Your Best Life”.

“This was my way of sharing my life lessons with anecdotes from my life. My life has so much purpose and a big part of that is being of service to others,” he said.

“When you have an awakening, you start to question everything but that’s the best part of it.

“The awakening simplified the process of creating for me. When you question things, you go back to approaching things in a childlike manner.”

The “7 Days” singer said he is grateful to perform music that is close to his heart, on tour.

“I am blessed to take this to many different countries. The stage is home to me and getting to experience that around the world is what I am grateful for.”

For his TS5 experience, fans can expect music from the artist’s entire discography.

“I know the audience and what excites me as a DJ is that I can make it seem like all of my music came from the same era,” he said.

Tickets for Craig David TS5 are available for purchase on Ticketmaster.

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