Home Lifestyle WATCH: Comedian pronouncing Tupperware leaves TikTokers in stitches

WATCH: Comedian pronouncing Tupperware leaves TikTokers in stitches

WATCH: Comedian pronouncing Tupperware leaves TikTokers in stitches

There’s no denying that Tupperware will always be trendy.

Many of us grew up with Tupperware in the home. It has a variety of purposes, from keeping food fresh to keeping the children’s toys organised.

Till, today, if you visit your parent's home and open one of the cupboards, you will surely find a Tupperware container or two.

Tupperware has a long history and through the years it has been a popular product in millions of homes because of its many functions. But last week it experienced a resurgence after a certain former Bafana player allegedly forgot his wife’s container at a "friend’s“ house.

With it being a hit with home-makers around the world, the question is: do you really know how to pronounce the word ‘Tupperware’? Well, a US comedian Chris Distefano’s pronunciation of the word ‘Tupperware’ is causing a stir on social media.

This comes after a forty-two-second clip of him on the podmomentos podcast was posted on TikTok recently.

Captioned: “Chrissy D has been saying Tupperware wrong his whole time”, it has amassed over four million views and thousands of comments.

In the video, Distefano reveals that he pronounces the word “tub-o-ware” instead of “tuh-puh-weuh” as stated, according to Google. He says he thought it was pronounced like this because it kind of looks like a ‘tub’.

The short video-sharing app lit up immediately. TikTokers found the video hilarious and took to the comments section to share their views and comment on the odd pronunciation.

@podmomentos Chrissy D has been saying Tupperware wrong #chrissyd #comedyclips #pranksters #comedy #nycomedy #podcast #podcastclips #fyp #foryoupage ♬ original sound – Podmomentos

One user wrote: “Laughing so hard when he gave the reason "it looks like a tub" so it's tubberware. Ok agreed.”

A second user wrote: “I also call it tubberware. It makes more sense as it’s a tub (laughing emoji).”

A third wrote: “I’ve seen this video over the years and it always makes me laugh.” While another said, “Well he used the "wrong" version this whole time yet people perfectly understood him, so in the end, it's not a big deal.”

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