Home Travel WATCH: Baboons want in on action and gate-crash girls’ trip

WATCH: Baboons want in on action and gate-crash girls’ trip

WATCH: Baboons want in on action and gate-crash girls’ trip

In a man-meets-nature scenario, a Twitter user shared a video on how baboons gate-crashed a girls’ trip in Knysna.

According to Twitter user @MsWilliamsss or Zoe, baboons gate-crashed her baddie vacation with friends by coming inside their house, eating avocados they were making for breakfast and drinking their Hennessy.

Baboons just came inside our house, ate our avodacos we were making for breakfast and drank our Hennessy 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

— Zoe 💍 (@MsWilliamsss) November 12, 2022

The video, which was posted on November 12 at 7.53am at Pezula Private Estate in Knysna, has since garnered 26.9K likes and 3.1M views on the app.

It finished an entire glass and almost left with the empty glass 😢 pic.twitter.com/vYseJqyKyO

— Zoe 💍 (@MsWilliamsss) November 12, 2022

Zoe revealed that the baboon “finished an entire glass” of Henny and “almost left with an empty glass”.

In the thread, she also revealed that the incident at the Airbnb has left her traumatised.

In one video, a baboon can be seen walking away from a glass close to a pool while in another video, a baboon is seen jumping from one counter to another in the kitchen and bursting open a bag of chips.

I’m traumatized 😭😭😭 https://t.co/VR2f9ArlRt pic.twitter.com/MeutkBnPDy

— Zoe 💍 (@MsWilliamsss) November 12, 2022

Of course, South African Twitter couldn’t wait to weigh in on the action, with one user, Lerato, commenting: “The fact that you guys are still outside 👏🏽 this needs to be my attitude towards my romantic relationships.”

Another user, HOVA, replied: “Drank you Hennessy and you still tweeting, ma’am.”

C-live from Randburg made light of this situation and said: “But at least you still have the dash nama qanda (eggs)!!! Enjoy your holiday.”

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