Home Entertainment WATCH: AKA claims hip hop got ‘lost’ without its leaders

WATCH: AKA claims hip hop got ‘lost’ without its leaders

WATCH: AKA claims hip hop got ‘lost’ without its leaders

Rapper AKA is making the most of promoting his latest single, “Lemons (Lemonade)” – and in his latest podcast interview shared his thoughts on the South African hip hop music genre, collaborating with Nasty C and what he did with his first million.

Speaking on “The Episode” the star revealed the reason behind what he thinks went wrong with hip hop in the country.

“I think it also had to do with a lot of the big names not being at the forefront anymore. Myself, K.O or (Purp) Coolie, we had carried it for so long and then naturally, we went into business and did other things and kinda left it to the younger guys to carry it,” he said.

AKA said they could have struggled because of the rise of amapiano at the same time they were trying to come up.

“They were up against the rise of amapiano, so it is a combination of the real gatekeepers of the thing kinda just easing off a bit and then the rise of amapiano. At the same time there is nothing wrong with amapiano.

"When it comes to SA hip hop specifically, I won’t say anything went wrong. I think things go in ebbs and flows, nothing went wrong … there was never anything wrong, it is just that certain role players went off.

“I believe that when I am not as active as I should be, then SA hip hop is worse for it," he said.

He described hip hop as being a community which needed a leader.

“If you don’t have leaders in a community, everybody is going to be lost," said AKA.

When asked how he felt when he made his first million, he said he just looked at it, walked around and made sure it didn’t go under a certain amount. However, it wasn't long before the million ran out after investing in his hustle.

“I just wanted to look at it all the time, but as soon as that money was in, it was out because I run my own business, I shoot my own videos and invest in those things and in stage design.

"The number one thing I invest in is people: videographers, photographers, a band. I am really able to be the festival artist that I am because I decided a very long time ago to start a band, and that allowed me to be at Oppikoppi (music festival) and at the Cape Town Jazz Festival.

"So yeah, I had a look at that number and then it was time … tax too, you gotta pay tax, very important," joked AKA.

In the interview, AKA spoke about how competition worked between him and Nasty C prior to their collaboration.

“Back then we were never really close. In 2012/13, I met Nasty as a 14-year-old and he actually jumped on stage with me. I think coming from there it was a different era, a different time.

“Now if you listen to my record with Nasty it’s more artistry, it’s more just two guys just comfortable where they are, and for me, it’s not really about that competitiveness anymore, especially on a song like that (Lemons), it’s really about making the best art for the fans and I think he really blessed me and I am really really thankful for that.

He said currently it is about “vibes” and he wanted to make music that he could ride around and listen to.

Discussing the so-called “beef” he has with Nigerian Afrobeats star Burna Boy, he said their feud was nothing “personal”.

“I spoke to him about one or two years ago. It was never about anything personal. I just don’t like people talking sh** about my country. It’s just that simple.

“This thing where like artists have to be like best friends, is very weird to me, we don’t have to be besties.

“I’m just a fan of Burna Boy, I might not be fam of him right now, but at least I can still be a fan. It’s cool, there’s no problem,” he said as he dismissed the rumours.

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