Home Travel ‘Was I an a**hole for taking my shoes off on a flight?’

‘Was I an a**hole for taking my shoes off on a flight?’

‘Was I an a**hole for taking my shoes off on a flight?’

I don’t know how you feel about cheese curls, I love the taste but the smell is enough to make one gag. Most wouldn’t want to admit it, but some people’s feet are better left in a shoe, because it reeks.

However, for a Reddit user, it wasn’t the case.

Under ‘Am I the Asshole?’ on Reddit, a man recently posted AITA for taking off my shoes on a flight?

He shares he travelled to another country to attend a metal concert. While on the flight, he wore Dr Martens which were ‘“heavy and big” and wouldn’t fit in his carry on, and he didn’t want to sit with them on in a small space.

‘’So I made sure they don’t smell, preventively sprayed them with shoe spray before I left home. When I sat down in my seat, I took my shoes off and put on fresh socks. My shoes were under my legs, they weren’t bothering any one,’’ he wrote.

However, when a woman was about to take her seat next to him, she noticed that he was not wearing shoes; she lost her marbles and called him “disgusting”.

Did his feet look like a scene from the foot doctor show?

‘’I tried explaining that I had clean socks but she demanded I put my shoes back on. I refused.’’

She called for help but was reminded by the stewardess that he had not broken any rules, so nothing could be done.

‘’The lady was huffing and puffing all throughout it the flight (she also filmed me when she was berating me so who knows, it may be online by now). But I tried to ignore her and just put my headphones on.’’

She is kind of acting like a classic Karen, it could’ve been an issue if his feet reeked like old onions but that wasn’t the case.

He continued to say that the woman complained until they were giving in their passports, but nobody was phased.

Some users said that he should’ve kept his shoes on and others had no problem with it at all.

‘’I just had a couple 5+ hour flights to Vegas and back and no one (at least around me) took their shoes off. It’s a pretty well-known courtesy rule that you keep your shoes on.’’

Whereas another user wrote: ‘’As long as your feet don't stink and you ain’t bothering me … I don't care what you do. You paid for your ticket.’ The other passenger ruined her flight by allowing a ‘minor issue’ to affect her to the point where she filmed him. What is the argument? Would she have been happier if he wore flip flops? The guy went to lengths to make sure his feet didn’t stink, the prep work was done. Maybe she’s the a**hole for being unnecessary.“

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