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Utah mom is 56 and pregnant with her son’s baby

Utah mom is 56 and pregnant with her son’s baby

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Before you go thinking something untoward, take your mind out of the gutter and read about Nancy and Jeff Hauck’s story.

It’s about a mom’s unconditional love for her son and how far she’d go to prove it.

Nancy Hauck from Utah in the US volunteered to carry her son Jeff’s fifth baby after his wife Cambria was unable to carry another pregnancy, TMZ reported.

The couple, who already have two sets of twins, were determined to have another baby, but because Cambria had to undergo a lifesaving hysterectomy, the chances of her giving birth again were zero.

And that’s when Hauck offered to be their surrogate. At age 56, doctors cautioned her to get a move on before the onset of menopause.

"I felt grateful to have such a selfless and loving mom that was willing to make that kind of sacrifice for my family.

“Having experienced over four years of infertility treatments, I knew how complicated the process can be and doubted that it was possible for her to carry a baby for us, but I was very moved that she would even offer,“ Jeff told SWNS.

After undergoing IVF, Hauck fell pregnant almost immediately, and the baby is due in November.

“I never imagined I would be pregnant at 56 or that this would be possible, but it is the most beautiful thing,” she told the Daily Mail.

About her son and daughter-in-law’s fertility issues, she said: “They've had lots of struggles with infertility – but they had seven embryos to try with IVF and decided they wanted to use them all.”

The last time Hauck was pregnant was 26 years ago. “The pregnancy has been very similar to carrying my son, but I've been a bit more nauseous. I feel very powerful carrying my son's daughter,” she added.

While their choice of surrogate may be an unconventional one, Hauck explained: “This has all been a big leap of faith. It's remarkable and a beautiful thing to do. I think this is quite a rare thing to do.”

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