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Useless wedding planner gets drunk at wedding and makes out with groomsman

Planning a wedding can be stressful. Therefore, many brides now hire wedding coordinators to assist in the planning and to ensure that their special day runs smoothly.

However, this unfortunate bride hired a rather useless wedding planner who became more of a problem than a helper.

This newly-wed bride turned to Reddit’s Wedding group to share her disappointment in the coordinator’s service and behaviour.

She shares that they had an intimate backyard wedding, and the coordinator was in charge of the decor inside the tent, her flowers, cake and the aisle.

“She (the coordinator) was by herself trying to set up everything the day of. She requested our help (my family, the groom’s mom, and me, the bride). My husband stayed one hour before the ceremony to help set everything up. I stayed until two hours before. We weren’t supposed to do anything the day of because we hired her, expecting to take care of things,” says the distressed bride.

She continues to point out everything else that wasn’t done correctly, saying: “My bouquet was not what I had requested. The arch was not decorated fully (because of not enough time). She provided servers, but one was caught stealing food and party favours.”

Over and above poor service, the wedding planner’s behaviour was atrocious.

“A lot of our guests saw that she was drinking and dancing with guests.”

To make matters even worse, she even made out with one of the groomsmen.

“Then, we start seeing pictures (at a photo booth) that she made out with one of the groomsmen. Our wedding coordinator is married.”

“I’ve asked her for at least half back. She hasn’t responded. I paid $5,000 for her. Not to mention I see her page promoting our wedding to many things she didn’t even set up or brought”

She ends her post by warning brides: “Please, please do research on your wedding coordinator.”