US Army to allow nail polish, lipstick and various hairstyles for women

US Army to allow nail polish, lipstick and various hairstyles for women

US Army to allow nail polish, lipstick and various hairstyles for women

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PRETORIA – The US Army has revised its regulations and will now allow women to wear nail polish, lipstick, earrings as well as their hair in more natural hairstyles, ABC News reported on Thursday.

In a statement posted on its website, the US Army said it had updated its grooming standards to address the disparate impact on women soldiers.

Under the new regulations, women soldiers will no longer have a minimum hair length requirement. Multiple styles like braids, locks and twists will now be allowed, so long as a neat and professional appearance is maintained and doesn’t impede headgear or other equipment.

“Army senior leaders approved hairstyle changes that promotes diversity and inclusion and improves the health of the force,” read the statement.

Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force JoAnne S. Bass said not all women have the same hair type, and the army’s standards should reflect the diversity in the force.

"I am pleased we could make this important change for our women service members,“ she said in a statement.

In addition to relaxed grooming standards, women who are breast-feeding or pumping will also have the option to wear an undershirt.

However, earrings will not be permitted in the field or combat situations or where access to regular hygiene is limited.

Men were not left out and will be allowed to wear clear nail polish.

Speaking to KDKA News, Captain Candyace Laster said these changes were a significant advancement for women of colour.

“We would find our soldiers forced to add chemicals to their hair, potentially perm their hair or add weave into their hair if that’s not what they wanted just to be long enough or straight enough to fit into that hairstyle,” she told the US broadcaster.

Laster told KDKA News that she was no stranger to hair damage due to the bun.

“I would have tension headaches. I was getting hair loss around my hairline from that constant pull. Sometimes when you turn your head left or right you can feel it pulling,” she said.

ABC News said women make up around 15% of the US Army.

The changes will go into effect on February 24.


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