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Unathi Nkayi pleads with fans to help raise R150 000 for friend’s cancer treatment

Unathi Nkayi pleads with fans to help raise R150 000 for friend’s cancer treatment

Media personality and musician Unathi Nkayi has pleaded with Mzansi to help raise funds for her high school friend Pinda Potelwa, who was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer.

Taking to her Instagram page on November 10, the former “Idols SA” judge expressed her heartache and sadness at her buddy’s condition, she also urged her fans and followers to lend a helping hand in raising funds for Potelwa’s treatment.

“Tears are rolling down my cheeks as I type this. My chest is wet,” wrote Nkayi alongside a photograph of Potelwa.

“She’s not just a buddy she’s my high school friend and hockey buddy Phinda who has stage IV cancer and is fighting for her life.

“Please help us raise funds for her treatment and donate whatever you can.

“Please go to the BackABuddy website and pledge anything if you have the means to do so 🙏🏾,” added the “Hallo Sana” hitmaker.

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Potelwa’s family appealed for help through a crowdfunding initiative “Back A Buddy” for Potelwa medical assistance following a the breast cancer diagnosis in December 2021.

“Added to this, a bilateral pleural effusion due to metastasis to her lungs was noted.

“This fluid build-up in her pleural cavity makes it difficult for the lungs to fully expand.

“This leads to shortness of breath making daily tasks that you and I take for granted, difficult,” shared Bonga Booi on the website.

Booi further explained that though stage 4 cancer usually can't be cured but treatment can help to prolong survival and improve your quality of life.

In his statement, Booi said that his sister started chemotherapy earlier in the year and “upon completion, moved onto endocrine” therapy.

“By mid-September 2022 her pleural effusion had not subsided and Pinda was advised to start the second line of chemo.

“She has valiantly started chemotherapy again, but tumour marker test results from a week ago showed a shocking increase in disease prevalence.

“As a family, we are shattered but determined to help Pinda in her fight for the improvement of her quality of life.

“We appeal to you to make a contribution towards Pinda’s medical fund.

“Help us give my sister… a daughter, a wife, a mother, a friend a chance against this ugly disease,” said Booi.

According to the crowdfunding platform, the target is R150 000 as of November 10, they had managed to raise just under R110 000.

For more information on Potelwa’s crowdfunding initiative and Booi’s full statement click here.

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