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Tweeps troll DJ Sbu, saying he looks ‘dirty’

The musician, entrepreneur and radio personality, who is known for his kempt appearance is now sporting dreadlocks, an ungroomed bread, oversized shades and is “shabbily” dressed – leaving fans unimpressed.

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The screenshot picture – where he looks almost unrecognisable – was taken from his recent interview with American YouTube content creator Mansa Mayne on his award-winning YouTube channel “The Hustlers Corner SA”.

The picture got many talking with tweeps now questioning his choice of clothing, saying that the DJ looks “dirty” and is ‘“not taking care of himself”.

“DJ Sbu is not taking care of himself, we are supposed to be celebrating his black excellence but he’s so untidy. No longer displaying professionalism. He should be setting a good example to the pioneers,” tweeted @Shonny_SA.

“He does not have to be this untidy kodwa bafethu. There was no need for Dj Sbu to grow the beard along with the dreads like that. This is very dirty looking,” wrote @loveric3000.

However, @Gratuity_za had a totally different option from the rest.

“People are just weird. DJ Sbu is out there decolonising ‘the professional look’ perception, showing its okay to rock your dreadlocks in the workplace, because even hotshots like him do. Instead of being inspired, you bring Western ideas & standards as your chat. Just let him be,” they wrote.

The DJ, who was fired from Metro FM in 2015 for promoting his energy drink, Mofaya, on stage at the Metro FM Awards, recently won Podcast of the Year at the 2022 PRISM Awards.

He took to Instagram to share the news and thank his team and fans.

He wrote: “Congratulations family…We are honoured to receive our first of many more awards to come as a community of Hustlers, Squatters and Chillers for the inspiration. This one belongs to every dreamer out there. You don’t have to be great to start. But you have to start to be great. God will provide as you go.

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