Home Entertainment Trevor Noah laughs off Dua Lipa dating rumours in interview

Trevor Noah laughs off Dua Lipa dating rumours in interview

Trevor Noah laughs off Dua Lipa dating rumours in interview

Comedian and “The Daily Show” host Trevor Noah has repeatedly made headlines over the years, his most recent one being about him stepping down as the host of the late-night show, which came as a shock, even to the producers.

He also got tongues wagging two months ago when pictures of him kissing singer Dua Lipa made headlines in the tabloids.

At the time Mirror.co.uk reported that the two were spotted looking cosy during an “intimate dinner” in New York, which was followed by a kiss on the cheek goodbye outside the restaurant.

Another time, the comedian was rumoured to be having an affair with his married friend. Pictures of them sharing a hug were plastered on the front page of a few gossip tabloids.

In a recent interview with “The Hollywood Reporter”, the comedian used the platform to set the record straight about a few rumours, but when it came to rumours about him and the “Cold Heart” hitmaker, he just leaned back into his chair and laughed.

Noah said that he was amazed at the power held by rumours and by these tabloids.

“And then the family calls the husband, like, ‘Oh my God, Trevor’s having an affair with your wife, and my friend’s like, ‘I’m in the picture, too,’ and they’re like, ‘Well, that’s not what the tabloids say’,” Noah is quoted telling “The Hollywood Reporter”.

He also confessed that he would prefer a little less stardom so that he could “eat a few meals uninterrupted”.

Aside from Noah’s romantic life, the South African-born star detailed his decision to leave “The Daily Show”. His reign will come to an end on December 8, after seven years.

The publication said: “After ‘The Daily Show With Trevor Noah’ wraps, Noah will head to Qatar to catch the World Cup, and then it’s back to South Africa to be with family and friends.

“The last time he was home was a year or so ago, and he misses his world there immensely. From there, Noah is more than willing to be part of whatever the next incarnation of ‘The Daily Show’ entails, be it as a producer, a consultant, a voice or simply an enthusiastic viewer.”

Enjoying the moment, Noah took to his Instagram page to thank the publication.

He wrote: “Here’s to the next chapter. Thanks @hollywoodreporter & Lacey Rose for the cover and story. Ps: I promise I’ll bring the outfits back next year.😄”

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