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Tips on how to start a conversation about life covers with loved ones

Tips on how to start a conversation about life covers with loved ones

Starting a conversation about loved ones can be daunting and difficult to bring up with your family and loved ones. Abulela Gazi, Executive Head of Client and Business Solutions from Metropolitan shares some tips on starting the conversation about life cover with your loved ones.

Break the ice

Like any other conversation, Gazi said it is important to be direct with a touch of being thoughtful.

“You can do this by asking purposeful questions, and then listening intently to your loved ones’ answers. It just takes a bit of bravery on your part if you are not used to having these conversations. Starting off with something like: “We all saw the devastation COVID-19 caused to families across the country, and how those who did not have their financial affairs in order struggled” can break the ice and lead to a fruitful conversation,“ he said.

According to Gazi, asking your life insurance questions is just the beginning.

“Next, you will need to engage your active listening skills to create a safe space to have the conversation. Let your loved one know that you are listening to their answers without judgement. You may feel like your loved one is behind on their financial planning, but remember that any amount of life insurance coverage is better than none,” he said.

Highlight the positives around the inevitability of death with real life examples

Gazi said making real life examples of someone you and your family know first could also help the family feel a bit more at ease about having the difficult conversation.

“You can decide if sharing a positive or negative story will lead to a more open conversation as you know your family best,” he said

Find the right time to have the conversation

Gazi said having such conversations at the right time is extremely important.

“You can use certain life events in the family or with friends to make having the conversation easier. Purchasing a new home or starting a new business could also be the perfect opportunity to start the conversation.These topics allow you to stay away from directly talking about death, disability or terminal illness, but provide an opportunity to frame the conversation as part of the family’s financial plan,” Gazi said.

Do your homework

Conversations around life cover, disability, terminal illness and death are often difficult to have but very necessary. Research a suitable insurer for your family needs.

“These are conversations that need to happen sooner rather than later,” he said.


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