Three popular home devices used in Covid-19 treatment


Three popular home devices used in Covid-19 treatment

By Rudolph Nkgadima Time of article published 25m ago

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Cape Town – Medical devices are finding their way into people’s homes and are increasingly becoming popular because of the coronavirus.

For better control of the spread of Covid-19, contact-tracing and warning apps have been implemented.

In South Africa, the government has also turned to technology with its Bluetooth contact tracing app, COVID Alert SA, aimed at slowing the spread of the virus.

The app uses Bluetooth contact-tracing technology to let people know if they have been in contact with someone who has Covid-19.

Here are some of the medical devices being used at home to treat Covid-19:

Pulse Oximeter

Despite a new study showing that the pulse oximeter are more error-prone in people with darker skin, these devices are becoming increasingly popular for home use, with pharmacies in KwaZulu-Natal reportedly running short of the oxygen monitors.

The device works by measuring the percentage of oxygen in the blood when clipped on to a fingertip. Doctors say it is mostly beneficial to people who don’t need immediate hospital attention but are at high risk of developing serious symptoms from Covid-19, like those with underlying health conditions.

The South African Medical Association (Sama) has also urged the public to only buy the device if they really need it, as they are an important tool for doctors to monitor patients who have Covid-19 symptoms.

Nebuliser machine

The nebuliser can be used to relieve symptoms of various lung conditions by administering both quick-relief medicines and long-term control medicines. It helps to deliver medication directly to the lungs and the respiratory system where it is needed and relieves symptoms such as breathlessness and tightness in the chest.

Nebulisers work by converting a solution into a fine spray, which makes it easier to inhale the drugs. A nebuliser is a machine, which creates a mist of medicine that is breathed in through a mouthpiece.

Face mask ventilator

Often used for chronic lung conditions, some doctors use them for people with Covid-19. A face mask ventilator is a non-invasive method of supporting a person’s breathing and oxygen levels. To use one, a person wears a mask that fits over the nose and mouth while air blows into their airways and lungs.

People with Covid-19 may use a face mask ventilator if they are having difficulty breathing or do not have sufficient oxygen levels.

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