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There’s been a whole new world opened with DStv Fibre services

There’s been a whole new world opened with DStv Fibre services

MultiChoice and DStv have made strides to further bridging the digital information gap through a new strategic value-add, providing its customers access to more of their favourite content.

DStv now offers uncapped fibre connections, more streaming, and more entertainment through DStv Internet. They are climbing on the bandwagon with high-speed and accessible service.

This service was born in a society where consumers require constant access to content and updates on digital trends. According to the Digital Quality of Life Index 2022, South Africa is ranked 66th out of 110 countries for electronic infrastructure, internet quality, and affordability, although two positions higher than last year, there is still a long way to go in bridging South Africa's digital divide and this level of innovation and technology is a step in the right direction.

Getting connected has now become even more effortless. Customers can enjoy DStv's Internet via fibre, which includes unlimited streaming and a more immersive home entertainment experience. New customers must visit the DStv website and follow three simple steps.

By ordering online prospective customers can check for fibre coverage in their respective areas, select a Fibre deal and complete their order online. Following the completion of the order, DStv technicians will deliver the hardware and schedule an installation date. As a result, once the entire process is completed, customers can have endless fun in the comfort of their homes.

Users can enjoy the world wide web via DStv Streama. This Streama is an innovative TV box and digital media player; the device is an excellent choice for any homebody. Any reliable internet connection can access streaming content from DStv and other services.

There is no fibre installation requirement for DStv Streama and this effective technology can turn the user's TV straight into a smart TV simply by plugging and playing.

Satellite TV is included at the same price for consumers who supply their decoder in both options. Contracts must also be signed for a minimum of 24 months.

This product requires a once-off payment of R1299 or R54 over 24 months.

Users can stream from a variety of their favourite pre-installed apps, including local streaming platforms DStv, Showmax, and international favourites such as Netflix and Prime Video.

With DStv Internet via fibre, there are two products, one bundled with the DStv Compact bouquet and another with the Premiere bouquet:

From R699/month, the first fibre bundle comes with 100Mbps/10Mbps uncapped fibre, a router, a DStv Compact subscription, and a Streama TV box, and the second option consumers have is the fibre bundle; you get 25Mbps/10Mbps uncapped fibre and a router, plus a DStv Streama box and DStv Premium for R999 per month.

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