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There must be decisive consequences for those found to be colluding with gangs, says Premier Alan Winde

There must be decisive consequences for those found to be colluding with gangs, says Premier Alan Winde

Cape Town – The Western Cape Police Ombudsman has finalised his report after an inquiry was launched to probe the links between the 28s gangs and the SAPS in the province.

The probe came after Western Cape High Court Judge Daniel Thulare delivered a judgment on October 17, where he stated there was evidence that gang members had infiltrated top management structures in the SAPS.

Judge Thulare said gang members were accessing key documents and strategies on crime fighting.

At the time, Western Cape Premier Alan Winder said the judgment highlighted alleged horrific and deep-rooted corruption and collusion between the SAPS and members of the 28s gang.

“The evidence suggests not only a capture of some lower ranking officers in the SAPS. The evidence suggests that the senior management of the SAPS in the province has been penetrated to the extent that the 28 gang has access to the table where the Provincial Commissioner of the SAPS in the Western Cape sits with his senior managers and lead them in the study of crime, develop crime prevention strategies and decide on tactics and approach to the safety and security of inhabitants of the Western cape.

“This includes penetration of and access to the sanctity of the reports by specialised units like the Anti-Gang Unit and Crime Intelligence, to the Provincial Commissioner,” Judge Thulare said in his ruling.

The judgment further stated the gang had protection and assistance from corrupt members of the SAPS.

In a statement released on Monday, Winde said the provincial police ombudsman, Major-General Oswald Reddy handed over his final report on November 18, following a thorough investigation following Judge Thulare’s judgment.

The investigation was launched at Winde’s request.

“We have to act within our limited mandate on this issue to confirm what many residents of the Western Cape have long suspected: that some SAPS members are colluding with gangsters, effectively abandoning their oath to protect and serve, instead choosing to make many of our gang-stricken communities even more unsafe,” Winde said.

He said as part of the investigation by Reddy, provincial SAPS management were given an opportunity to respond to the judgment.

The Independent Police Investigative Directorate were also consulted on the matter.

Winde, who is now studying the report said the allegations were likely substantiated and he was now considering his next steps.

“There must be decisive consequences for those found to be colluding with gangs. This includes senior officials under whose watch this has been allowed to happen. One of the first steps that I took this week on this matter is that I met the SAPS provincial Commissioner Lieutenant-General Thembisile Patekile to discuss the findings of the report.

“I will be holding further engagements on the ombud’s report and will share this with the public as soon as I am in a position to do so.

“What is clear is that this infiltration likely extends far beyond this particular case, and also that dangerous forces are at play here. We must be decisive and considered in our next steps to address this issue, making sure we can break these links, and make headway against gangsterism,” Winde added.



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