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The Wellness Show: Sakkie Herbst speaks on the benefits of Ozone Therapy

The Wellness Show: Sakkie Herbst speaks on the benefits of Ozone TherapyPodcast stream by Fabrik.fm

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On the Wellness Show this week, host Megan Edwards interviews to Sakkie Herbst about the 100 benefits of Ozone Therapy and how the treatment can reduce toxin build-up.

Ozone is a type of oxygen present in the atmosphere. Herbst says with their Ozone steam saunas it opens the pores in your skin and absorbs the oxygen ion (ozone).

“The main objective here is to improve the blood circulation, to increase the lung capacity, and then obviously to cleanse and drain the lymphatic system. Each and every cell in your body gets detoxified, believe it or not. You feel like a brand new person immediately,” he said.

“The most efficient, safest and cost effective way is the machine, which is the mobile oxygen capsule.”

The Portable Ozone Steam Sauna is an effective and convenient home system that can assist with immune system stimulation ,detoxification, fighting bacteria and viruses, skin disorders, cardiovascular disorders and sleep disorders.

“It's very simple. You get inside and you sit on the chair, it's as big as that one loose seated couch standing in your living room. You get in and you close yourself up. At the back of the system there is this oxygen generator that produces this oxygen, high grade of oxygen on a permanent and constant basis. It produces this high amount of oxygen that then moves through the lymphatic system.”

By absorbing the steam through your skin, Ozone is introduced into the body, said Herbst, which heals the body from the inside out.

“We specialise in oxygen, that's about 3 500 times stronger than chlorine. Our oxygen is the most effective antioxidant in the world currently, and it's also known as the only oxygen in the world that can suffocate a cancer cell,” he said.

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