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The ANC makes mistakes at every turn, says reputation expert after questionable nominees were revealed for ANC NEC member positions

The ANC makes mistakes at every turn, says reputation expert after questionable nominees were revealed for ANC NEC member positions

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Johannesburg — The eyes of the world are watching, watching how this country that has so much hope has suddenly been driven down by a bunch of people who think they are more important than the country, who consider SA to be their own, says Reputation Expert, Solly Moeng.

The African National Congress (ANC), held a briefing earlier this week where the electoral committee chairperson, Kgalema Motlanthe, announced the top 200 nominations for the party’s NEC, which consists of 80 members.

In true ANC style the list of nominees did not come without any surprises including former health minister Zweli Mkhize who was implicated in corruption when he was linked to the R150m Digital Vibes communications tender.

The former Nelson Mandela Bay municipal councillor, Andile Lungisa, who spent time in jail for an assault conviction after he smashed a jar of water over the head of DA councillor Rayno Kayser.

The former deputy minister of higher education and training Mduduzi Manana who was found guilty of three counts of assault with intent to cause grievous bodily harm after attacking three women at a nightclub.

The Former Minister of Social Development of South Africa Bathabile Dlamini who was found guilty of perjury after she had lied under oath during an inquiry into the social grants mess at the South African Social Security Agency (Sassa).

These are only just a few of the many other nominees without a good track record.

Moeng said: “They should have some sort of mechanism that enables them to vet the names before they put them into the public space, now what they seem to be doing is testing public opinion, putting (forward) all the wrong names and they know that South Africans are really tired of seeing these people, many of whom are supposed to be in jail or defending their name in court and certainly should be untouchable for public office.”

When asked about some of the questionable nominees during the Q&A session, Motlanthe said that the list was a work-in-progress because the vetting process is ongoing and therefore it may change.

Furthermore, if any one of the names did not meet the criteria as spelled out in the rules, including the constitution of the ANC, those names would, undoubtedly, be disqualified.

Moeng said: “The ANC doesn’t care about South Africa and it’s very clear now that what is good for the ANC is no longer good for South Africa and what is good for South Africa is no longer good for the ANC.

Moeng added: “It's almost like an abusive relationship that has been going on for too long. South Africa has been abused and must save itself from the ANC, it has done so before when the country said ‘no more apartheid’, ‘no more institutionalised racism’ and all that so SA can do it again.”

The road to the ANC elective conference, which is set to kick off on the 16th of December where the party will elect their top six and fill the 80 positions for the party’s NEC, is one that is bumpy and uncertain in the midst of the Phala Phala report accusations against the ANC President Cyril Ramaphosa.

Ramaphosa is nominated for a second term for President and is currently in the lead with 2037 nominations.

Moeng also believes that the ANC makes mistakes at every turn and to ignore the call to act in the best interests of the country and its people would be yet another mistake, which will cost them greatly ahead of the general elections set to take place next year. However, very little of what they do or say now can or will make a difference because South Africans are tired.

“SA does not belong to the ANC and when we signed up for a new democracy we did not sign up for a country that would be led forever by one party, the ANC has had almost 30 years in power. It must go.” said Moeng.


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