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Tell your bosses to sign up, the 4 Day Week pilot project has arrived in SA

Tell your bosses to sign up, the 4 Day Week pilot project has arrived in SA

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Cape Town – After watching the rest of the world participate in the four-day week, South African companies eager to work smarter, not harder can now sign up to participate in the country’s first ever pilot of the model.

The pilot of the model is expected to kick off in early 2023.

This will be a six-month trial, with ongoing research and oversight by the National Business Initiative, Boston College, in collaboration with the University of Stellenbosch Business School and others, which will look at how the model could be adapted to fit the South African context.

The 4 Day Week is being adopted, all over the world, in a bid to improve productivity and wellness in the workplace.

It is based on the 100-80-100™ model, developed by co-founders of 4 Day Week Global, Andrew Barnes and Charlotte Lockhart.

The model prescribes 100% of the pay for 80% of the time, in exchange for a commitment to delivering 100% of the output. It is being recognised as a way of supporting and empowering workers, enhancing organisational productivity and having a positive impact on societies and the environment.

Karen Lowe, director of 4 Day Week SA, said South African businesses have an opportunity to prove that they can be more productive, whilst enjoying greater personal wellness.

At a launch webinar hosted on Thursday by the National Business Initiative, 84% of attendees acknowledged its potential in improving work life balance, while 65% hoped it would increase productivity.

Participating organisations will benefit from workshop training and mentoring, delivered by 4 Day Week Global and organisations that have already successfully implemented a four-day week.

While networking opportunities with other pilot participants will provide the chance to share learnings and experiences.

4 Day Week Global co-founder Andrew Barnes said: “A fundamental shift is needed to deliver higher levels of productivity, and it's not something that can be done from the C-suite.

“Rather, it’s about empowering people to rethink how they work to work more productively. It’s a very personal deal between individuals and their employers and between individuals and their work colleagues.”

The pilot is a joint initiative between 4 Day Week Global, experts in running trials all over the world, and the 4 Day Week SA Coalition, a growing base of South African entities supportive of the four-day week as a key component of the future of work.

4 Day Week SA Coalition co-chairperson Mqondisi Gumede said: “Let us create solutions at a higher level than the challenges that we face.

“Let us collectively focus on the attainable solutions to a more positive and profitable workplace and societal future in South Africa.”

Check out http://4dayweek.co.za/ to sign up or find out more.


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