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Success Lekabe on launching fruity fragrance in time for summer

Success Lekabe on launching fruity fragrance in time for summer

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If there’s anything delicious about summer for me, its the refreshing fragrance of fruits, and so I always invest in those fruity body spritzers just to awaken that summer senses.

Success Lekabe understood the assignment and recently launched her first ever fragrance which bursts with the aromas of coconut, vanilla and citrus.

Lekabe told IOL Lifestyle: “The aromas in this fragrance is definitely my favorite. It is an alluring fragrance with notes of creamy coconut, fresh burst of citrus and radiant warmth of vanilla, a fresh and amazing combination.”

Lekabe collaborated with Watkins, who also manufactured Breyton Paulse’s fragrance, Pulse with Watkins.

The radio presenter explained: “I was a judge at a school pageant, Breyton Paulse was there and we all know how he recently launched his perfume. I got introduced to Heste White from Watkins and that's where it all began.

“She called and asked if we could go for coffee because there is something she would like to run by me and that's when she told me about being the face of their beautiful fragrance. I couldn't resist.

“Sun Goddess was launched on September 24.”

Success Lekabe on launching fruity fragrance in time for summer
Success Lekabe. Picture: Instagram

Lekabe added: “Sun Goddess is inspired by the beautiful African Sun. We wanted to create a fragrance that reflects our continent's sun-drenched summers.

“Embodying solar deity, representing the sensuous and strong African women. Wearing the Sun Goddess Eau De Parfum we want to capture warmth and radiance. We want you to let your inner goddess shine.”

Lekabe said the fragrance is available for purchase on watkinsonline.co.za and via Watkins distributors based in South Africa, Namibia and Botswana.

Other celebs who also launched their own perfume include Connie Ferguson, who launched a fragrance called “True Self” in 2008 and a lotion in 2014. She was also the face of Garnier.

Boity Thulo owns “Pink Sapphire” a hair perfume consisting of a light, nourishing mist infused with Argan oil giving sugar and jasmine notes with wild marigold, French lavender, and tangerine.

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Aside from the latest achievement, Lekabe also had to shift to a different career since the kykNET talk show she presented weekly, was ended this year.

Originally from Potchefstroom, Lekabe said: “I Had the privilege to be part of five seasons of Tussen Ons with formidable women. My biggest passion in life has got to be people. Trying to make a difference in any way I can in every corner of the world I move in.

“Well it's been an interesting couple of months, I started work in the corporate world. I'm currently working for a media, marketing, communication and brand group called &More Group, as their Brand Manager.

“We specialize in brand development and brand rescue currently pioneering podcasts as a multi-media marketing and branding tool. Talk about being outside your comfort zone. ”I’m loving every second of it.

“I’m Still in the radio world, week days between 3 – 6pm with Martin van der Merwe on Bok Radio.

“I’ve been doing some talks and corporate functions and enjoying working with the Durbanville Children's Home.”

“With a name like Success I tend to be a bit of an overachiever and all in all; trying to change the world.

“ I live by the mantra dream big, work hard and stay humble. I'm so excited to be where I am in my life and being as present as possible in every moment and life experience. There are definitely going to be surprises in the future, some of them might surprise me too.”

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