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South Africans mistaken Chief Keef’s jewellery for mogodu

One thing you can never take away from South Africans is their sense of humour. Our people will turn everything into a joke.

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International hip hop publication “Daily Loud” posted a video of Chief Keef showing off his jewellery.

The American rapper is seen in a video singing while recording a video of his jewellery stacked in a box.

The video racked up 1.8 million views (and counting) in just a few hours, with more than 2400 retweets, over 28K likes and more than 2k comments, where people were saying it looks like food.

People from other countries say at first glance it looks like seafood boil, pepper soup, or Korean barbecue, but South Africans saw mogodu (tripe).

“Legit thought ke mogodu,” commented @JustMe_Dolly.

And while we are still on the mogodu issue, there’s another video that’s been trending where a man is cooking mogodu and serving it with pap and avocado on the side. This combo has left South Africans extremely upset.

The first red flag was when the man removed the grey blanket from the mogodu (we don’t do that in South Africa).

The second major one was how he cooked it. He added coriander. Who does that? Mogodu is slow-cooked for 2 hours (or at least until soft), and then you add onion, beef stock and a few spices for seasoning, and that’s it.

But that man added tomatoes, oil, and too many spices, something South Africans do not approve of, including Cassper Nyovest.

Others took it upon themselves to show how a well-cooked mogodu should look like.

For those who don’t know what mogodu is, it is the insides of a cow.

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