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Sonia Booth warns followers of fake social media account

Sonia Booth warns followers of fake social media account

Author and former model Sonia Booth has warned her followers of a fake TikTok account using her name.

Several celebrities in the past have taken to their official social media accounts to warn their followers of fake accounts impersonating them.

One might not see an issue with these accounts, however, since they are mostly being used for criminal activities there is an increased need for them to be reported on social media.

Sonia posted an image of the fake TikTok account using her name and in her caption shared that she had reported the account, warning her followers that it was not her account.

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This November, Sonia's name has been trending on social media following her lifting the lid on the infidelity going on in her marriage, on her husband Matthew's part.

The Miss South Africa 2001 second runner up turned her Instagram and Twitter account into an open diary with her posts detailing Matthew's infidelity and exposing the other woman in her marriage.

In her posts, she explained why she chose to shame her husband publicly and not deal with the matter privately to her followers and the public.

She also made it known that she wouldn’t be speaking to any media publication about the now public affair.

Matthew released a statement addressing the “unfounded allegations” and lambasting his wife for shaming him on a public platform. He also revealed that he would be looking at his legal options in the matter.

The statement wasn’t well-received by social media users especially since Matthew left out the recipe to his famous cheesecake.

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