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‘SEND ME!’ – Gayton Mckenzie begs Eskom to let him help with electricity crisis

‘SEND ME!’ – Gayton Mckenzie begs Eskom to let him help with electricity crisis

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In a strongly worded plea on Wednesday morning, Gayton Mckenzie took to Facebook to express his ideas on getting Eskom out of the doldrums, as South Africa’s electricity crisis continues unabated.

Mckenzie posted on his Facebook page, saying:

“Eskom apparently needs 1 000 megawatts to keep the lights on, let’s create 11 000 megawatts within the next five months which will keep the lights on in 2023 and is 11 times more than what you need.”

The ‘get-things done’ mayor said that the Central Karoo was the most suitable place in South Africa to be used to create renewable energy. The region had good sun during the day, wind at night, vast tracts of land and evacuation capacity – you could not find a better place anywhere in the country, he said.

Mckenzie called for all red tape to be relaxed or cut.

“We need government to declare a state of energy emergency, ban unions, cut red tape. Get to work immediately.”

To achieve a turnaround in the ailing electricity crisis, Mckenzie suggested:

“Invite 110 solar companies to immediately each construct a 100 megawatt plant, give them an off take from Eskom, you will have thousands of up-takers. Let them start immediately, you can even use state money and start a state renewable company but I wouldn’t advise that, let the private sector do it.

“You will have 11 times more energy than what you apparently needed at the beginning, the lights will be on in 2023. We just need political will and decisiveness from the government.”

“I can lead this and have it all done in five months, send me !!!!!!!”

South Africans have been plunged into stage 6 load shedding this week, with many parts of the country experiencing up to 6 hours of blackouts in 24 hours.


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