Home Lifestyle Science teacher fired after filming pornographic videos at school with her husband

Science teacher fired after filming pornographic videos at school with her husband

Science teacher fired after filming pornographic videos at school with her husband

An eighth-grade teacher in Arizona, USA, and her husband have lost their school jobs following a video she and her husband recorded for their joint OnlyFans account in her classroom. A side hustle, she claimed, was necessary to supplement their low salaries.

A Thunderbolt Middle School science teacher named Samatha Peer uploaded X-Rated videos to her OnlyFans account using the alias KholeKarter.

Today’s News-Herald reported that her students found the videos and shared them with each other. Staff at Thunderbolt Middle School in Lake Havasu City soon learned about the videos as well, which prompted an internal investigation that ultimately led to her being placed on paid administrative leave.

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The page features explicit content depicting sex acts that were allegedly occurring in the classroom. Also participating in the adult production was her husband, Dillion Peer, who teaches fourth grade.

It has since been reported that the pair are no longer employed at the school. Samantha resigned, and her husband was fired four days later.

Of course, people had mixed reactions to the news, with one user saying: “What’s disgusting is that she needs to do it cause of how shit a teacher's salary is”

Another user commented “Bro they took stay after class too far”

Samantha acknowledged that she only filmed the videos in the school on weekends when the pupils were not present. In an effort to prevent the content from being discovered by her students, she said that she had blocked the whole state of Arizona.

The former educator has taken to her YouTube channel to apologise for her explicit content reaching minors, saying: “Looking back at this situation, I fully regret creating the video in the classroom after school hours. I felt trapped in my financial situation. However, I do not believe my name should be smeared through the community when I made one mistake that didn’t affect anybody until other adults began allowing children access to my content.”

The online platform seems to be causing more trouble than its intended use, as a nurse was fired due to co-workers watching her videos at work. Content creator Jaelyn, 22, who worked at a nursing home, detailed in a tik tok video how she was let go because her videos were distracting her co-workers at work.

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