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Sasol’s career exhibition aims to inspire learners to go into STEAMI

Sasol’s career exhibition aims to inspire learners to go into STEAMI

Sasol’s 20th Techno X career exhibition recently took place virtually to inspire a new generation to go into careers in science, technology, engineering, arts, mathematics, and innovation (STEAMI).

Through interactive workshops, exhibition displays, expert talks, and presentations by local and international leaders in diverse sectors, the five-day initiative brought science and technology to life.

Minister of Basic Education Angie Motshekga, who gave the keynote address congratulated Sasol for 20 years of an “excellent initiative” that was held to ensure that learners become more skilled and employable.

“Our future as a people hinges on accelerated performance by our learners in science, technology, engineering and mathematics, and this career exhibition is critical in igniting interest.

“As we do so, we do not neglect the foundation of learning: literacy and numeracy. However, I implore all young people to grab opportunities in the STEAMI-related fields and build the South Africa of our dreams,” said Motshekga.

Nicky Verd, author and technology thought leader, said that South Africa’s future growth depends on young people embracing technology and innovation.

“Our continent needs more entrepreneurs, idea makers, innovators, technologists, scientists, engineers and disruptors to fill the new gaps.”

Verd encouraged learners and graduates to never sit back and allow themselves to be baptised with only a "job" mentality.

“You can do more today with your life having just an internet connection and a smartphone, and that’s an opportunity our parents and grandparents never had.

“The fourth industrial revolution has democratised entrepreneurship and there is so much opportunity now. You cannot stop the 4ir, but you can influence its direction and impact on your life. Don’t focus on the threats; focus on the opportunities!”

Charlotte Mokoena, executive vice president of HR and stakeholder relations at Sasol, stated that the company's participation in educational programmes is meant to support its commitment to society to be a catalyst for change and generating shared socio-economic values while caring for the people and the planet.

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