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SACP says new leadership faces task of renewal, calls for end to load shedding

Cape Town – The SACP has welcomed the election of the new ANC leadership saying it was facing the daunting task of uniting the ruling party and also addressing the energy crisis in the country.

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This comes as Eskom has implemented Stage 6 of load shedding after months of power cuts.

The SACP said the energy crisis was an urgent matter that needed to be addressed. It said load shedding has to come to an end.

Billions of rands are lost in the economy due to rolling blackouts.

The SACP said in a statement this was an urgent matter because it affects the whole country.

The party said the election of the new ANC leadership should signal the start of the process of renewal and unity.

“The newly elected ANC leadership, led by President Cyril Ramaphosa, faces the challenge of continuing to lead the renewal and unity of the ANC towards success. The SACP wishes the entire collective well. As the president himself said in the political report, which he delivered to the conference on Friday, 16 December 2022, the renewal and unity of the ANC will be incomplete without the reconfiguration of the Alliance and the renewal of ties with the masses of the people and their growing support,” said the SACP.

“Millions of the people live under material conditions characterised by the deeply concerning high levels of unemployment, poverty and inequality, which have engendered a crisis of social reproduction involving inability in the affected households to support their lives. Underpinning this situation are the problems of the prevailing economic system and structure, which leave much to be desired,” it said.

The ANC said the conference will reconvene on January 5 to finalise some of the outstanding policy issues.

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