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Reuterina’s new easy dropper makes every drop of probiotic goodness count


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Reuterina has introduced an improved bottle design that ensures little ones get the most out of every bottle of Immune Health Probiotic Drops during those crucial 1,000 days after birth. The easy dropper makes administering the right number of drops for baby quick and hassle-free, ensuring every last bit is used.

Taking a daily probiotic has been shown to provide a number of benefits to developing infants and improve some of the common discomfort infants experience in the first days and weeks of life, including colic.

“From new-born to one years old, the nightmare of colic is a reality that many mums and dads are familiar with,” says Phiwo Mabunu, Ascendis Pharma Marketing Manager. “Reuterina Drops have been clinically proven to cut down the amount of time colicky babies spend crying by 50% after just a week of use. It may also help to prevent the onset of colic entirely and are proven to help with constipation, making it a great daily supplement for babies from the very first day of baby’s life.”


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