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Remembering and educating

Remembering and educating

Glenwood High School returned to its tradition of commemorating Remembrance Day for the first time since the Covid pandemic began.

About 550 people attended the ceremony, which included wreath laying. Pupils in senior grades did not attend because of exams but representatives from military organisations joined the remembrance ceremony.

“It was educational,” said retired teacher Kevin Jordan who still teaches at Glenwood part-time.

“The school houses are named after boys who died in World War 1. We think it’s important to tell them that they weren’t just sucked out of a hat,” he added.

On the programme was an extract from coverage of Remembrance Day from a 1945 school magazine, reminding today’s pupils that their predecessors who went off to war were much the same age as them.

“All of them were boys here… They played cricket or rugger, swotted for examinations and cheered at swimming galas…,” it read.

The houses are Blaksby, Early, Kennedy, McCabe and Gibson.

The event was held on Wednesday to ensure good attendance rather than yesterday, the official commemoration day, when many potential attendees would be scattered at different ceremonies.

Military organisations represented included: Queen Nandi Mounted Rifles; the Natal Mounted Rifles Board of Trustees; the SA Legion; the Rhumbelow Moth Shellhole; the SA Air Force Association; the Naval Volunteers Association; the Gunners Association; the KZN Military History Association; the ParaBats Veterans Association; and women who served from the Nightingale Shellhole.

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