Home News Ramaphosa is a criminal who kept money inside mattresses, says Zuma

Ramaphosa is a criminal who kept money inside mattresses, says Zuma

Ramaphosa is a criminal who kept money inside mattresses, says Zuma

Johannesburg – Former president Jacob Zuma has called Ramaphosa a thief and a criminal for stashing millions of dollars in his sofa while the rest of the country goes hungry.

He said Ramaphosa continues to oppress South Africans, adding that he does not deserve to be recorded in the party’s history books. Zuma was addressing a gathering at the Msinga Mlaba Sports Centre in Ward 1, west of Durban in Kwaximba, on the weekend.

"How can you keep quiet when we do not have homes? There is no modern oppression here. Oppression remains what the ANC was established for. They must not tell us about the modern state that the times have changed. Oppression has not changed. We say things have changed when the land is not in our hands.

"We are still living in shacks. People in this country are not working; they are hungry. What has really changed? It is the ANC’s job to change the material conditions of the people in South Africa. This is what we are waiting for. Not this thing of lining up our own pockets with money stuffed in mattresses for a select few. I don’t agree with that. This is humiliating and embarrassing for the ANC to have a criminal as our leader. Why are you keeping quiet when you are led by a criminal who bought the leadership position?" Zuma said.

Zuma added that Ramaphosa does not deserve to be counted as one of the leaders of the ANC. He said his face should be removed from the chapters of the ANC.

"Under normal circumstances, all ANC leaders are included in the history books of the ANC, but this one must not be afforded that right. This one does not belong to the ANC, and his face must not be there. We should not allow his head to feature anywhere," he said.

Zuma said he would not stop being critical of the current administration. He said he was not afraid to die for the truth. Ahead of the 55th ANC National Conference in Nasrec, members of the party should choose new leaders wisely or risk losing the ANC forever.

"I have suffered for the ANC under white rule and fought for freedom, and I am willing to suffer even today to ensure that the ANC remains. This is my ANC, and I am willing, once again, to suffer under my own party. I was in jail under the leadership of my own party, and this should tell you that things are bad. Even if they drag me out of the ANC, I will remain in the ANC. I am not going anywhere," Zuma said.

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