Rachel Kolisi gives update about her Covid-19 journey


Rachel Kolisi gives update about her Covid-19 journey

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Springbok caption Siya Kolisi’s wife Rachel recently tested positive for Covid-19 and gave an update about of her recovery journey.

On Sunday, Rachel revealed on Instagram that she had tested positive for the coronavirus.

Following this, Siya revealed he tested negative and that Rachel was isolating away from the rest of the family for the time being.

He captioned the post: “Date nights have changed a bit. It’s been a roller coaster experience, I tested negative which I’m incredibly grateful for!

“Seeing how hard it’s been for Rachel @rachel_kolisi has not been easy specially when I can’t physically be with her.

“And it’s definitely taken a toll on the kids not having their mom with us. “I’ve picked up all the household responsibility and for the first time ever, realise what it’s been like when I go on tours. It’s not easy.

“I know of so many people who are really suffering watching loved ones affected by Covid or they have physically been affected and want to remind us all it’s our responsibility to do everything we can to stop the spread.

“Thank you to all of the medical workers who are going above and beyond to care for our loved ones when we can’t.

“Let’s continue to remember the seriousness of this virus and do everything we can to protect those around us.”

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Taking to Instagram on Wednesday, Rachel gave an update on her progress with her recovery journey.

The caption reads: “Loving them through a window has been excruciating.

“”Every time they hurt themselves and my immediate reaction has been to get up and go to them then I realise I can’t leave the room.

“And the days they’ve stood outside begging me to touch, kiss and hold them because they don’t understand.

“Honestly it’s been one of the hardest things I’ve experienced as a parent.

“I’m doing well otherwise, I’m still struggling with my chest – mostly at night, but grateful when I have time outside in the fresh air – the small things I usually take for granted.”

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