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Police commissioner warns against the criticism of SAPS HR managers by axed employees

Police commissioner warns against the criticism of SAPS HR managers by axed employees

Cape Town – National police commissioner Fannie Masemola says he has observed recent social media posts that attempt to demonise members of the SAPS human resource management division.

This comes as personal information of SAPS members, as well as speculation regarding the citizenship and suitability for office of the divisional commissioner for HR management have been circulating on social media and on some mainstream media platforms.

Masemola placed on record that an internal departmental investigation sanctioned by the national commissioner and an independent investigation conducted by the Independent Police Investigative Directorate (Ipid) found no adverse findings against Lieutenant-General Lineo Ntshiea, who is an HR manager for the police service, who was accused of being a foreigner.

He said that the investigation discovered, among other things, that the senior officer, who had top-secret security clearance, is a South African citizen born in Welkom, and that matter that was handled by the Department of Home Affairs.

“Lieutenant-General Ntshiea is also in possession of qualifications which were verified and confirmed as authentic by the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA),” he said.

Masemola has noted with concern the circulation of personal information containing copies of the identity document of members within the service who are alleged to be foreigners.

“Initial inquiries have already started, and one member, (a) constable, has so far been discovered to have acquired South African citizenship and permanent residency.”

The list that is being circulated on several channels is now being verified, he said.

He said according to Regulation 11 of the South African Police Service regulations, 1964 (as amended in 2002) a person who applies to be appointed as a member must: have permanent residency in the Republic of South Africa, of which documentary proof must be furnished.

“It is worth noting that the peddling of such information is being perpetuated by those who were dismissed from the service for various misconduct,” Masemola said.

He also discouraged the dissemination of false information and its sale in an effort to delegitimise service members. To this aim, SAPS is co-ordinating closely with all parties involved to address the access to and handling of any member’s personal data.



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