Please just stop the madness! Food blogger makes ’bacon’ from banana peels


Please just stop the madness! Food blogger makes ’bacon’ from banana peels

By Lutho Pasiya Time of article published 33m ago

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Veganism has seen an explosion of popularity around the world and while some vegans may swear this lifestyle is the be-all and end-all of healthy living, not everyone is a fan of the plant-based diet.

If you take a look on social media, using banana peel is becoming increasingly popular, and vegan recipes using banana peel are not limited to pulled “pork”. Some people have been frying up their skins to make fake “bacon”. However, Twitter users are not impressed. They are actually incandescent with fury.

This comes after food and lifestyle blog @SOWETO_food posted pictures of a “vegan pork” dish with the caption: “Bacon made from Banana Peels. (Vegan Pork) #HealthyEating.”

Bacon made from Banana Peels 🥓
(Vegan Pork) #HealthyEating

— SOWETO FOOD & LIFESTYLE (@SOWETO_food) January 11, 2021

@paballo_patsa commented: “How do fried banana peels suddenly become bacon?”

@PinkySithole17 wrote: “Bacon is made from pork not bananas, this is something else entirely.”

Another user, @gg_state, commented that vegans are not happy with not consuming meat, because they are always coming up with all these weird foods that are supposed to look and taste like meat.

However, one user, @Bhuzubhuzu1, said she was tempted to try it, as she had been off meat for six days.

It's apparently not just banana peels that are useful in making faux bacon, but carrots too.

Last year, vegan chef Tabitha Brown took to social media to show her followers how they can make “bacon” using carrots. Claiming it tastes just like the real thing, Brown starts by peeling the carrot lengthwise – using a potato peeler to create thin strips.

"I’m about to make carrot bacon uh-huh. Now you've got a few strips, but if you want more than this, then do that because that's your business,” she said.

Brown then creates a marinade using ingredients including liquid smoke, maple syrup and garlic powder, before cooking them in an air fryer for five minutes.

“Take it out and baby you got some bacon. Now let's check the crunch. Listen real good," she said while crunching down on the food.

Followers were impressed, commenting that they would try it.

Oh_chile_please said: “I’ve seen a lot of things in my life, but carrot bacon I've never seen. I might try.”

Epicsoul said: “Definitely making this tomorrow with some grits.”

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