Plan a picnic but make it fashion with the 'cottagecore' aesthetic

Plan a picnic but make it fashion with the ‘cottagecore’ aesthetic

Plan a picnic but make it fashion with the 'cottagecore' aesthetic

By Sacha van Niekerk Time of article published 23m ago

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Head to the hilltops for an afternoon of picnicking with your best friends – no special occasion necessary.

From checkered blankets spread over lush grass to the foraged flowers, pitchers of icy pink lemonade, and a feast of artisanal breads, charcuterie and whole summer fruits, people have been setting up the most gorgeous picnics.

Of course, the occasion is well documented with pictures being shared on social media, using the hashtag “cottagecore”. The whole aesthetic is enchanting.

The rise in stylish picnics could be attributed to the video-sharing app, TikTok. Gen-Z have enjoyed expressing themselves online with their fashion senses that encompass all aspects of their lifestyle, from room decor to how they organise and edit pictures on social media. One such subgroup within the generation is “cottagecore”. The aesthetic has garnered more than 5.2 billion views on TikTok.

The fresh outdoors is also a safe way to host a gathering, if you keep 2m apart and wear a mask. If you’re looking to reconnect with nature and life’s simple joys, perhaps it’s time you embraced the resurgence of these picnic parties, whether it’s for a birthday brunch, or just for the fun of it?

Location and setup

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There is nothing quite like the merry atmosphere that envelopes a picnic, there simplicity of creating your own little area just by laying out a blanket on the lawn of a botanical garden or the warm sand at the beach.

However, if you’d prefer to stay in, you could build your own cosy space on the living room floor or balcony. String up fairy lights, scatter a few cushions and lay out a smorgasbord of snacks for a scene straight from Pinterest.

What to eat

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Now that you’ve got the mood sorted, it’s time to think about the food. For that, we suggest a cheese board. They’re classy, yet unpretentious and reminiscent of visits to the wine farms, plus they combine the perfect mix of sweet and savoury to complement a range of tastes. When displaying all of your picnic food, create levels using crates or foot stools draped with table cloths or blankets to elegantly show off the delicious treats.


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Dress to fit the cottagecore theme: loose braids, hair ribbons, straw hats and pretty blouses, cottagecore embodies a carefree lifestyle that is more in sync with nature than fast-fashion trends. A style built from hand-me-downs, thrifted items and vintage pieces from the wardrobes of friends and family, this fashion sense is all about embracing femininity with a rustic edge.


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After all the planning has come together, capture the day on camera. From the decor to the scenery and the guests in attendance, there’s always an excuse to have an impromptu photoshoot. Afterall, having get-togethers with loved one's is more than a special occasion nowadays, it’s one worth remembering.


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If you’re at home or in an area that allows you to play music, bring along a mobile record player or use your phone. You can play board games, read books, sketch pictures or just go with the flow and enjoy the conversation.

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